Wednesday, 6 October 2010

No Cuts in My Back Yard

Now call me a cynic, but I thought the Conservatives all knew they were campaigning on spending cuts. Whilst one understands the political jockeying, I am getting rather bored by ministers predicting Armageddon should even the lightest of cuts waft in the general direction of their areas of responsibility.

I had rather hoped the Tories would have learnt from at least one of the many pitfalls of the previous administration and would not play out funding conversations in the press that should be held in camera. Certainly ministers have a responsibility to get the best deal for their departments, and should lobby the Prime Minister and Chancellor accordingly. However, trying to make the Government look like big, bad meanies whilst they are defending their department to their last breath might play well for individual politicians but it doesn't for the Government they serve in. It smacks rather of doing the Opposition's job for them.

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