Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Eyes Wide Shut

My partner and I went out for dinner last night. The food was sumptuous and the wine like nectar from Heaven. However, a recurring theme has irritated me over the last couple of years and it reared its ugly head again last night.

I certainly do not wish for someone standing in constant attendance at my tableside. I enjoy the privacy. I enjoy not being constantly badgered for my dessert wishes when all I want is to enjoy my wine and conversation. However, I do not think that means all staff have to walk head bowed through the restaurant.

It took me about 10 minutes to attract anyone's attention to ask for the bill. Just scan the eyes of the customers from time to time - it's all I ask. It rather puts me in a huff with the waitress if I have to part ignore my fellow diner for 10 minutes lest I miss her hourly 'look-up'. I can't imagine that's ideal economics for a tips-dependent employee.

Some people are rude to waitresses. I can understand some diffidence, but it is a service industry, and I'm not the Medusa.

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