Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The All Important First Post...

Here it is. I have done it. I am officially a blogger. I have joined the mainly anonymous ranks of people venting their frustrations, confessing their sins or simply letting the world know how training their cat is going. Why?

I think probably because when something annoys me enough, I tend to fire off a letter to the paper. To my knowledge nothing I have ever written has been deemed interesting/intelligent/polite enough to be published (which should probably put you off reading any further). However, the feeling of having written the letter is a pleasing one.

My uncle used to have a little gadget that lived on his dashboard called 'The Revenger'. It had a variety of buttons that played sound effects inside the car. From my hazy recollection there was a machine gun, a grenade, perhaps even a rocket launcher and I imagine a few more. When someone on the road irritated him, he would press one of the buttons. The point that I am lumbering as subtly as an elephant towards is that venting is good. In 'The Revenger' case, it doesn't matter if the person who has irritated you hears it or necessarily anyone hears it, just that you purge yourself of that irritation by expressing how you feel about it outwardly. This blog is my attempt to do just that of the many, various and often unfounded grievances I have in the hope I won't go crazy bottling them all up, or end up single because my better half doesn't want to hear about it any more.

Like a madman shouting at the sea, these are the rants and raves of a law abiding citizen.

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